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In life, I’ve noticed two kinds of people (I know, I’m generalizing, but hear me out).

Those that help and heal
And those who hinder or hurt

I live with the later. I hear the off-color comments talking poop about others who are different, I see the eyes roll, “What a miracle in heaven” he says when I do something he asked me to do and do it right. I’m an intelligent woman with a Masters in Accounting. I’m not stupid or an idiot. Yet I let people make me feel that way. It is my choice. Or at least it has been in the past. I believe it is time for a change.

I would like to think of myself in the first category. I like to turn people in the right direction, help them to learn, encourage them to follow their dream. I know in my many years, I have not always done this. I have called people names like idiot and weirdo. I’m going to make every effort to change that. Instead of using comments that put others down, I’m going to think about the words that exit my mouth. Instead of calling someone stupid, I’m going to ask if there is a way to give that person the tools to understand the mistake made. Instead of belittling people, I am going to boost their spirits.

It is a new season of my life. How about you?