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Every morning at home, one of the very first things I do is make coffee in one of those pod makers, I’m not mentioning the brand, they get enough advertising.
I usually use two pods to fill my to-go mug and finish it before I leave, so I fill it a second time before going anywhere. Even on weekends this is a ritual.
So here I am in a hotel in another city and the coffee in the room is from a cheap coffee maker. I swear, in the dark, trying to not wake my daughter, I was like… This pot is missing something. I NEED MY COFFEE! Well, using the light from my cell, cracking open the drapes, and flipping on the bathroom light, I finally figured out the packets of coffee had disposable plastic “trays” instead of pods. So, I was able to make one regular size cup. It was pretty good but I really want to fill my travel mug.
OK, the kid is awake and hungry. Gotta go find breakfast.
Have a great day everyone!