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Recently, a good friend of mine was hurting. Abused as a child, she was sensitive to seeing others being verbally assaulted and bullied. She would do anything for a person in need. She is kind and compassionate. All of this was challenged by a few terrible people in her life. They blamed her for things without cause. They humiliated her. They treated her, not only unfairly, but worse than dirt. All of this took it’s toll and finally, the last straw broke her.

Please, if someone you know needs help, Be Kind, Be Calm, Talk Soothing Words, Listen, REALLY Listen when they ask for help. It could be the last chance you get to do what is right, what needs to be done.

For those of you who have read my published books, you know many of them deal with issues like mental illness and abuse. No one deserves to be bullied, no matter what the age. No one deserves to be called names or have their lives and the lives of their loved ones threatened. No one deserves to be hit. In my books, I try to show how people can survive. They can’t do that without help. Abused people and those who suffer mental illness need a support group. Let’s stop violence, racism, bullying of any kind.

Teach your children that they deserve respect and should show respect to others. Teach them to accept others differences and celebrate their own differences. We are all humans. We all bleed. We all hurt when treated poorly. Picture yourself in someone else’s shoes before you say something mean to them.