It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My goals have been pushed aside by everyday life. Work is absolutely nutz which has stressed me out. Not sleeping real well and that makes me remember the weird dreams I have. Like the one about the church in NJ and I tell Hector when I wake up and he tells me it sounded like the church he went to in NJ a few weeks ago. I didn’t go with him (odd) And the dream where his sisters called to say they were coming over and they brought his whole family. Everyone was there.

So anyway, I’ve been trying to write but with all the stress I am exhausted and suffering from migraines etc. In two weeks J and IU are going to Boston for a couple of days. I cannot wait! I’ll be away from almost everything that’s been driving me insane. Of course, I’ll have the cell phone so I’m sure I’ll get calls but we’ll go to the aquarium and Quincy Mkt and all those fin things.

I need this.
She needs this.
and we’ll be together!