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Sundays, hubby leaves early for work and J sleeps late. I normally go downstairs, make coffee, plop down in front of the desk top, insert my flash drive, and run with it. 

Last night, J & I stayed at Mom’s. Mom has needed some assistance lately due to health issues. Well, her house is not really meant for guests. She has a guest bedroom with a trundle daybed. Neither the top mattress nor the trundle give much support. J usually takes the trundle so she can cuddle with Mister the tiny, blind, and nearly completely deaf poodle. I take the top. The other dog, a much younger Cairn, is locked in the crate overnight in the same room. 

Well, I am not a small person. I need support when I sleep. I tossed and turned, the bed creaked, and Duffy the Cairn moved or made some noise every time I even thought of moving. By 1 am I was so stiff and hot from being in the miniature room with the door closed that I grabbed the pillow and headed out to the living room. As you can imagine, trying to sleep on the sofa is no more comfortable than sleeping in hay, sans the smell.

By two (ish) I’m awake, checking emails and the like. Half an hour later, my drooping eyelids tell me to try once again to sleep.

Duffy wakes near 4 am because he cannot last past then before he needs to mark his territory outside. Thank goodness for pajamas. I free him from the crate, hook up the leash, and grab the tiny Mister. We go out front so they can water the flowers. Back inside, I hand off the two mutts to J who is half awake. They’s stay with her at this point, having emptied their bladders.

I sit in front of the laptop once more for a short while. Once I decide it’s time to hit the hard, unrelenting sofa for another catnap, J comes out and takes my spot. It’s close to six now, Mom is waking, the sun is up. I normally cannot sleep past sunrise.

Still, I decide to flop into the daybed for one last attempt to get some Zs. Oh, before I can do that, I have to fix the bottom sheet which has come half off from  my wrestling with the Sandman earlier the prior evening. I flop down, and voila. I sleep from seven thirty (ish) to nearly ten. WOW, I feel so rested.

N O T!