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I love weekends, early in the day, when the family is still asleep. The house is quiet. And today, even being June 22, the air is cool and fresh with little humidity. Rare for New England this time of year. But, like they say, don’t like New England weather? Wait a minute. LOL

Mostly my writing lately has been in the form of editing. It stinks but that is all my brain will allow. Sometimes I am just to &)&*$%(&_^% to think where my story is going. My current work, Where Demons Hide just took a turn. I know where it’s going but I am waiting for my characters to tell me how to get there. Some days they are stubborn and play on their own without letting me watch. Other times they will not leave me alone, even while I am at my PAYING job!

I’m thinking about getting DragonSpeak. Anyone use that? If I could get that, I could hook it up to my cell and “write” while doing other things like waiting in line at the drive through, playing games, paying bills, etc. IDK. Still mulling over the idea. Heard some good and some bad things about it.

I also have to get back into Beyond Repair, which three chapters are posted here, if your curious. It’s a tough novel to write. Heartbreaking.

Well, that’s it for now. 🙂