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Revenge: On page 140 or 159 (Yeah it got a bit shorter.) Using Word was definitely a good choice. The grammar check had quite a few suggestions for improvement. Some I used what the software came up with, some I changed completely. It sure did make things better!  Good investment so far.

Oh, and guess what. I started an account at Draft2Digital, published 3 of my books on iBooks and Kobo through D2D. (Transcendent Love, Family Secrets, and Beautiful Anomaly. I still have to do Feat of Clay. Perhaps I will get the time to do it this weekend. In any case, for those who read on your iPhone, check out my books in either iBooks (iTunes) or Kobo reader (for tablet and phone).

As soon as I am done with Revenge, I will get back to writing Where Demons Hide and another that I have dancing in my head.