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OK, so it has been 5 days since my last post. Busy at work since I was out a couple of days and I have a new employee to train. Catching up at home cleaning and bill paying, follow up Dr appts, and all the other minutia that life is filled with.  I did get a little time to edit some earlier chapters of Where Demons Hide, still debating the publication of Revenge, UGH.  Edit or publish as is. I know I need a more detailed edit based on the responses I received on Book Country and Absolute Write. Hard to get that without paying the big bucks!

There is so much to consider. Changed the beginning of both stories as apparently, having a wake up scene for the first chapter is taboo and too cliche!  UGH. Who knew that it turns readers off???  Got into a huge discussion on Absolute Write about OCD, mental illness, and the issues of including such things in a book. Hey, I may not be diagnosed with OCD or know from personal experience, but I do have experience with anxiety and depression from two sides of the equation. I’m not a clinician but I do suffer and know people who suffer from Mental Illness. Does that qualify me to write about it? Yes, as long as I footnote that it is from personal experience, not a medical degree. At least IMHO.

Well. it noon on Saturday and my kid is asking about lunch. I promise myself I will post more!