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UGH, I say. Editing. It’s tough. Your mind sees what the words SHOULD be or what you INTENDED them to be, not what is actually written. I have sometimes edited a paragraph four or five times, only to find another “he” when it should be “her” or “the”. LOL. Still, editing is a necessary task. I just wish I could sit with a editor and go thru line by line sometimes. Eh, no not really, not with a 92K word novel. Would take weeks!

Writing, now that I find easy (although I do battle the occasional “I don’t want to go there just yet “syndrome: when I know something difficult is coming). When writing, the words flow. I try not to correct too much as I type until I have done quite a bit. Most of what comes out is okay, I suppose.

Well, that’s it for this, it 5:19 AM!