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Not really. It’s more ironic or odd than funny. 

Mental illness has been taboo for so long. People are afraid of what they do not understand. The human brain is so complex medical science, IMHO, has a long way to go as far as treatment of these sometimes debilitating conditions. We used to lock away the mentally ill, perhaps people thought it was “catchy”. Thank goodness we don’t chain the mentally ill to walls anymore!

I was watching Black Box the other night. If you haven’t had the opportunity, check it out. Yeah, I’ve seen the bad reviews. (And based on the reviews, the show will not be around long.) The main character suffers from bipolar disorder. I know there are those who do not understand why someone with a mental illness stops taking the medications prescribed for them. Catherine Black gives an interesting POV on this. Apparently, the medication dulls her intelligence and also, being off the meds is an incredible high. Well no duh. If medication made me dull instead of high do you think I’d want to take it. On the other hand, from personal experience, there are other reasons people stop taking their meds. I tell myself I forget but in reality, sometimes I like being all weepy and emotional. It’s when I do my best writing. Still, it sucks! All the bad memories, voices, and crap comes out and it is a living hell. Still, occasionally, I stop. I create, I go back on. At least I’m not a doctor treating patients!

Amy Holden Jones, known for “Mystic Pizza” and “Indecent Proposal” and creator of ABC’s “Black Box”, says her father was a physician and bipolar. One can assume she must know much about this disorder from a family member’s perspective. However, according to reviewers, the show is not worth your time. Eh, maybe I’m the crazy one but there were lines in there that just clicked for me.


Anyway, Happy SUnday morning at 4:45 am! UGH Prednisone!