The answer to that question changes with time although it has never been about financial wealth.

Before my daughter was born, I was jealous of women who had children. I’d see a mother hugging her child and wonder if I would ever be lucky enough to have a family of my own.

Currently, I am jealous of my friends who get to do things that they love because they have no inhibitions, no desire to “fit it”, no need to make everyone like them. I know. It’s a bit silly. Still, I always feel the need to prove myself.

Take my writing. I know it is good. I’d like it to be fantastic. But my own lack of belief in my ability holds me back. I could have a novel ready to publish, one that several people have commented positively about. And yet, ONE person said she didn’t particularly like something about it and I am held back by that one opinion. That makes me jealous of those who are not afraid to take the plunge.

Time to change my attitude. Right?