Today I feel Meh.

I know I need to come here more often and write. I will.  At some point.

My back is hurting but I get no sympathy at home because so is his.

Went to a friend’s yesterday and J got to swim with her friend.  We had a good time even though I was in a good amount of pain. E & J are the same age almost exactly. (One day apart) They met in dance class almost 9 years ago and they are still friends even though we now live in different towns and they go to different schools.

As for me, nothing much changes day to day. I read, I write, I play games and I work. Not much goes on in my little world and that is okay for now. J

I do need to make some changes but they are scary. My leading ladies are stronger than I am. I wish I could go into my fic-land.