Mom’s house


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This thinking about something to write everyday can get tedious.

Anyhoo… J brought some stuff over to Mom’s house. I think I’m going to keep calling it that for a while. Mom’s house. She was the only owner, so I still think of it as hers even though I own 1/3 of it. Someday I will call it my own.

Getting quotes from movers, getting my house power-washed, cleaning, packing, etc. Lots of work to do and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, if anyone has any words of wisdom, please pass it along!

My brothers and SILs have done so much work with cleaning up Mom’s house I feel guilty asking them to help me.

On the move


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Been a few days since I have posted. My mind has been on the move. Pun intended. About midnight I awoke and decided I had to do something. I took a duffel bag and filled it with summer clothes. I put it by the door, ready to take to my next living space.
This morning Abby was sitting next to the bag and looking at me. She thinks I’m going on vacation. Little does she know; she’s moving with us. LOL.



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Nervous and happy. Story of my life, right? I’m always worried the decisions I make will be wrong. I am looking into buying Mom’s house from my brothers. Time to negotiate then go to the attorney and draft the agreement. UGH. So much to do. It’s time for my magic wand if I had one. I could just POOF and it would all be done.

And what’s up with medical bills? J goes to the same place, has been going there for years, and now I have 3 accounts with them. When she turned old enough, they stopped billing me and started billing her but now there are two accounts under her name. SMH.

So, does anyone need any used furniture, VCRs, Blue Ray players… If there’s anything you need used, message me. I might have it and be willing to give it away, possibly free, just to declutter my house.

So, after therapy today, I’m visiting my possible future home, then going to an open house down the street to see what the house that’s just like mine looks like on the inside. Want to know what it looks like so I can price mine appropriately.

A moment please…


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Although my “having a moment” moments have decreased, they have not faded. I think they never will. Something happens and I want to tell Mom but she’s not there.

Grief is odd. It is different for everyone. It ebbs and flows, pulls you down, twists your thoughts, then reminds you that life goes on. Chin up, shoulders back, pasted smile on face and move on…

You don’t get over loss. The way loss makes you feel just changes over time.

The hunt is over…


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After much soul searching and house hunting, I’ve decided to buy my mom’s house. It is almost perfect except the driveway which is slanted. But it has central air and is handicap accessible. Laundry on main floor and two bedrooms.

I am happy but anxious.

Lots of work to clean my current house. If anyone wants to help, I’m taking all offers LOL.

Actually, my ex and his current GF are coming this weekend. We’ll see how this works out. LOL

House Hunting


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Sunday morning. Quiet in the house. Animals fed. Now coffee.

Spoke to a mortgage person. Credit EXCELLENT! He said I could afford two mortgages for a while if I couldn’t sell my house before buying another. I don’t want to do that. I guess if it were only a month or two until my house closed it would be ok. On the other hand, he has no idea the other bills I pay monthly, so I doubt the validity of his statement.

I’ve decided against the house we saw that J liked because it has no garage. I can’t see myself cleaning the car off every day during the New England winter. Maybe the rabbits in the kid’s room was a sign I shouldn’t get it. I’m allergic to rabbits.

I have a realtor coming here today to tell me what I need to do to get this house ready for sale. I know she’s going to say I have a lot of work to do. CLEANING! UGH! I hope it’ll be worth it in the end.

Well, enjoy your Sunday. Hope you remembered to change your clocks!