hello out there


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hope everyone is well, safe, and staying home
it’s been a while since I have done any writing
months, in fact
hard to think about writing lately
i am proud of many people in this current situation
people lending a helping hand
using their skills to make things better
but i am sickened by those who think the rules don’t apply to them
please be one of the helpers
wave to people and give them hope
i wish i could say the virus only kills the bad people
but we know that’s not how life works
i just hope all my friends and family stay safe

Tomorrow came too late


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If time travel were possible, I know to what time I’d return. At least one point in time. There are circumstances I would not like to visit again. Who wants to go through their teenage years, or the death of loved ones again? Well, that second one…

Mother’s Day Cards


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Exhausted emotionally and mentally. Cannot wait for the move to be over. But on the bright side, while cleaning out Mom’s house, my brother found some Mother’s Day cards I had given to Mom. I just found them on the kitchen table at Mom’s house as we brought over a few boxes. So, it seems I told mom quite a few times how much she meant to me. How I would not be here if it weren’t for all that she’s done for me over the years. It made me feel good to know I told her more than once how important she is/was to me.

Mom you were the one person I could ALWAYS count on no matter what. Even when we disagreed you tried to understand me.

Love and miss you so much!



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I’m getting either lazy or frustrated with posting every day. My apologies. Too much packing. High anxiety. And battling lack of sleep. I feel lost and alone even though I know there are people around who can help. I just hate to ask. They have lives too! Far be it from me to take them away from their responsibilities to help with the mess that is my life.

I cannot wait to get out of this house now. I want to wave my magic wand and make it all happen today. I want to be in the other house, sleeping in a bed, and unpacked. I want to be settled.

Thanksgiving went fine except that I missed Mom terribly. I cried. I just could not prevent it. I still feel very sad. I miss talking to her. I miss just knowing she was there.

Anyway, life goes on and so must I. Even when I feel like I have no strength left. I must push forward.

More moving


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The days are getting shorter and it seems I have more to do. Today is the pre-Thanksgiving luncheon at work. Have my pasta salad ready to go! It’s pretty good, taste tested it myself.

Not sure if the family is doing Thanksgiving this year. Mom’s house is a mess because of the move. Mine is the same. And really, without Mom, I don’t care either way.

Friday I will probably be moving stuff to Mom’s house to save money on the movers. The more I bring now, the less they’ll have to take.

The day after I move, I am having someone come clean the house so it will be market ready. I cannot wait to get out of here, but I will be leaving some ghosts for sure.

On to better days…