Sleepy Sunday?


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Not for us. Started with cat barf at 3 am, dog barking at 5, got up again, did dishes, next in line… Driving class for J & I. CT and maybe other states make the parents take a class too!  UGH SHould bo so much fun!giphy (3)




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I wish I had something profound to say. There are messages all around us. Signs spring is coming. Feelings of dread in the air when the clouds roll in. A random act of kindness. Idiots in public service. People dying from stupid violence.

I’m not sure I belong here anymore.giphy (8)

Almost August


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And I am feeling my fall blues approaching too soon. It’s like, “What’s the point? Why are we here?” I know it’s the depression, but that doesn’t help mentally. My logic dictates one thing but my emotions tell me something else and their voice is stronger. I want to bury myself in a hole or run away from this. Depression or any mental illness stays with you all the time You cannot brush it away, hug it away, or run from it. You have to face it, get help, talk to people, and all those things that the depression tells you NOT to do in order to “feel” better. Even then it is only temporary because something brings it back. Whether it is something you control or not, it comes back. I tend to self-sabotage. Stop taking the meds I know that help. I feel lazy and worthless and it is hard to crawl out of the hole. I know I will. However, there will always be another one.



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July already

Is the summer swimming by?

Last week was so hot it felt like August. This weekend the air is cooler and there is less humidity. Feels wonderful.

Not sure how the weather is where you are but enjoy it if you can.

my story; isn’t over


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This is my new tat. See the previous post explaining the meaning of the semi-colon. I found this image online and it hit me as apropos for me. I’ve been touch by suicide many times. Attempts and successes of friends. My own attempts. And the thoughts of friends and family who were close but brought back to the light.

Remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Only by living and supporting each other can we survive. Go hug a friend today! That person may need it more than you know.